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Again, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mary White. I am a Black woman of a mature age, but I like to think that my age is just one of the things that has given me the insights and wisdom to pursue my passions in life. 

When I decided to start, I knew that there were many women who, like me, had greater hopes for living a life that was better than the circumstances that they found themselves in.

While “surviving 2020’s covid-19 pandemic” and all the other crises that came along with it, I decided to capitalize on this time of isolation to share with others some of the things that I have learned on my own journey to awareness and self-discovery.

I know that attempting any change in life is difficult.  I know because I was catapulted into my new life when I became separated /divorced 11 years ago.  It was at that point that point when my life took a dramatic turn.  After many years of walking along a rocky road of marriage, with my self-esteem crushed, that I announced to my husband of 26 years (and 6 years of courtship) that I was leaving him.

So, I packed my 14-year old Expedition with the things that I held most dear at the time and headed back to my hometown where I knew that I would find the love and support of my family and friends.

At the time, I had not held a corporate job in over 12 years, and as a homemaker, my financial resources were scarily limited.

Today, I have overcome many challenges in my life and continue to do so.  I embraced those challenges and redefined what it was to seek my future happiness.  I can help you to discover your renewed happiness through the courses, strategies and tips that I used to create the life that I have always imagined for myself.  I am happier and healthier than I have been in decades.  Some of the dreams that I had for myself have been fulfilled and I continue to conquer others.

I hope to be your greatest cheerleader and ally on your journey to greater happiness, meaning and fulfillment.  I am here to share your joy, sorrow, pain, and preparation as you fashion your new adventure(s) and all of the things that you thought weren’t achievable.

I found it and so can you.  Share with me your aspirations and dreams.  Let’s put to rest those doubts and fears of yours.

“Let’s make life look the way you want it to.”



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