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Mary D. White

ABOUT ME . . .

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mary White and I live in Dayton, Ohio. I am a Black woman of a mature age, but my mind and passion for life continue to belie my age. It is for this reason that I wish to become your personal development coach.

I understand that you may be looking for suggestions, directions or advice on re-inventing your life/lifestyle in these crazy times. Well, I am here to tell you that it is never too late to re-invent yourself.

Let me be your encourager and guidepost to a richer and happier life. Often, the older we get, the more fearful we become of change. However, I can help you to discover renewed happiness  through the tips and strategies that I have used to create the life that I had always imagined for myself.

What are some of your dreams? I know that attempting any change in life is difficult. I know because I was catapulted into my new life when I became separated/divorced 11 years ago.  Since then, I have fashioned this mantra for myself:

“Make life look the way you want it to”.

I have overcome many challenges in my life since then. I have nurtured and embraced my emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical well-being in order to seek wisdom and discernment and redefine what it is that I seek in the future. I taught myself how to trust myself in all aspects of my life again, and yes, I hope to help you accomplish many more of your own goals and dreams for your future!

I have worn many hats professionally: Social Services Coordinator for the elderly and disabled, Social Director at a senior community, real estate agent, corporate special events coordinator, interior designer, substitute teacher and reading tutor, entrepreneur of a few multi-level marketing products, retail manager, and erotic romance author, and a few that I may have left off of the list. It’s almost embarrassing to list this many work experiences.  I don’t want you to think that I’m a “flake”. I am just a creative soul; sometimes with a short attention span.

It was through this myriad of accomplishments and and the richness of these experiences, gifts and talents that I hope to be able to help you to discover a life filled with renewed joy and purpose.

I want to be your greatest cheerleader and ally on your journey to greater happiness. I am here to share the joy, sorrow, pain and preparation with you as fashion your new adventure(s) and all of those things that you thought weren’t achievable. I found it and so can you. Share with me your ideas and aspirations.  Let’s put to rest those fears and doubts of yours.

Let’s “make life look the way you want it to”.

Let’s stAY IN TOUCH 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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